Space Coast full throttle speedway

a not for profit facility

"It is never too late to live your dream"


Our qualified instructors ensure safety rules and regulations are followed correctly.  We will teach all children and young adults to follow and abide by road rules. Safety always comes first!

1)    All karts must be registered and go thru safety tech  before entering track.
2)    No working on kart in grid area - tire gauge only
3)    No working on kart on track after first lap.  Only track official or driver can work on kart or restart after first lap - electric start -  crew member can assist if allowed by track official.
4)    No driver can exit their kart while on the racing surface.  Can only exit in infield grass area or when you requested to by a track official.  STAY IN YOUR KART!
5)    All race starts are double file - all restarts single file after 1 lap is completed.
6)    All drivers must wear a SNELL 2010 helmet or better, full finger gloves, neck brace, jacket or racing suit and closed toe shoes - racing shoes .
7)    Any driver or crew member that creates an altercation with another driver/crew member or track official resulting in verbal or  physical confrontation

will be disqualified and or suspended and may   be asked to leave the facility immediately .
8)    RED FLAG CONDITION.      Come to a safe stop - turn off engine  DO NOT EXIT KART !    IMMEDIATE DQ
             1)  Rolled up and pointed at you. WARNING
             2) FULLY DISPLAYED  - Removed from that heat/feature + PENALIZED   see ex.
             3) Ejected from facility
                                                         Heat # 1.  Black flagged
                                                         Heat # 2.  Start last Feature.- also start last. Repeat offenders will be told not to come back

10)    Any driver that spins out 3 times or causes 3 cautions will be black flagged .
11)    Any driver that ignores the "BLACK FLAG" will be Scored a DQ  and will ejected from ALL remaining races that driver is registered for.
12)    Any kart/karts that are involved in an accident resulting in a caution flag will be sent to the back of the field for the restart.  Flag man or race official may give or take any position at their discretion If your kart spins out and you end up in the middle of the track(grass area), you will need receive a yellow flag.  Driver may re-enter track at designated areas.  Restart order is from the last GREEN FLAG LAP
13)   Only track officials and drivers are allowed on the track.    If someone related to your race team enters the racing area at anytime without our permission YOU WILL BE DQ.
14)   All karts must display legible #s on front - sides and rear.  If # cannot be clearly seen , you will not be scored. 
15)   NO REFUNDS - race is official after first heat race or qualifying is complete.
16)   ENGINE PROTEST.  Must be in writing before the feature is complete with $200.00 cash and presented to the race director Protested kart  will be impounded for inspection.  If protested kart is found to be legal - the protested kart and the track get $100.00 each  If the protested kart is found to be illegal, the protestor and the track get $100.00 ea.  The track reserves the right to tear down any kart for inspection -  refusal will result in a disqualification.


1)    Any person/persons that approach a track official in an argumentative manner will be ejected from the   facility and cause the associated driver to be disqualified.  If you have an issue you would like to discuss, do so in a calm, respectful manner.
2)    Only 1 other person other than the driver is allowed on the starting grid
3)    Only 1 person other than the driver is allowed at the scale area.
4)    No open flames or torches allowed
5)    Profanity and fighting  WILL NOT BE TOLERATED
6)    EVERYBODY in the pit area must have a PITPASS
7)    Absolutely no bikes or skateboards allowed in pit area. Scooters are allowed for those who are disabled
8)    We are not responsible for waste oil/chemicals.  TAKE IT WITH YOU   NO DUMPING ALLOWED!  If caught doing so you will be banned from the facility Please keep the pit area clean of litter.